Electro-Sim Hedayat Company was established and put into operation with the aim of producing and supplying specialized wires and cables needed by the country in 2007 under the brand name of HEDsun.

With the support of the experienced founding board and with a long history in the wire and cable industry, this company succeeded in obtaining standard certificates, and a variety of its products, especially specialized wires and cables in various fields, in a short period of time. expand and always establish its business position in the market by providing quality products by gaining the satisfaction and trust of its customers.

In addition to construction products, in the field of household appliance cables, solar or photovoltaic (PV) cables, instrument cables, elevator travel cables, smart cables (BMS), fireproof cables, AWG control cables, silicon cables, shield, and coaxial cables and so on has production.

Besides having the CE certificate, the company has the first and only holder of Acrodite’s equipped laboratory in the field of solar (PV) cables, the first holder of the TUV product conformity certificate from Tuff Nord Germany for solar cables, as well as the first and only holder of the ISIRI 15613 standard in the country for the production of solar cables.

Some of the products of this company are exported to some neighboring countries in addition to meeting domestic needs.