Specialized products

Photovoltaic Solar Cable hedsun

The specialized product of Hedayat company is hedsun solar H1z2z2 cable, which is a TUV product conformity certificate based on IEC62930 and EN50618 standards.Read more←


Among the specialized products of Elektrosim Hedayat company, KNX cable or in the specialized term TP1, which is also known as BMS cableRead more←

Elevator travel cable

One of the important components of the elevator is the elevator travel cable, which is responsible for transmitting the signal from the moving cabin to the main panel. thereforeRead more←

Hedsun fireproof cable

Another product of Elektrosim Hedayat company is Hedsun fireproof cable, which can continue to work even in fire conditions. in condition Read more←

1x6+6 Hedsun cable

One of the exclusive cables of Electrosim Hedayat company is Hedsun coaxial cable 1×6+6, which is called Hedsun meter cable. Major consumption Read more←

Hedsun AWG cable

These cables are produced based on the American standard, which is also known as the Brown & Sharpe wire gauge, including Read more←

RG59 coaxial Cable

Another specialized product of Elektrosim Hedayat is the Hedsun RG59 cable, which is widely used today. Due to the type of design and Read more←

Hedsun coaxial antenna cable

Due to the type of building design, it is mainly used in television receivers. Coaxial antenna cable or coaxial cable, the waves received by the antennaRead more ←

Certificates and standards

Certificates and standards

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