Another specialized product of Elektrosim Hedayat is the HEDSUN RG59 cable, which is widely used today. Due to the design and construction of this cable, the impact of environmental noise on the main conductor is minimized. This cable is used to transmit important weak signal data that needs protection. The most important use of this type of cable is in CCTV cameras. The construction of this type of cable is similar to an antenna cable and is as follows:

The main or core conductor of the cable consists of an all-copper wire with a certain degree of flexibility, which is covered by a layer of dielectric foam-like insulation (white color). A layer of aluminum-polyester metal foil is stretched over this insulation. After that, the copper shield is compactly and regularly irradiated. Finally, the cable cover is drawn as external protection.

important points

The quality of RG59 cable can have a very important effect on signal transmission and in CCTV cameras on image quality.

The material of the conductor and shield must be all copper. Be sure to pay attention to this point when buying.

Considering that the shield of the cable absorbs noise, the degree of overlap and compression of the shield and its material has a significant effect on the quality of the image, especially at long distances, which is fully observed in HEDSON’s RG59 cable.

Fake and cheap cables available in the market with an appearance entirely similar to copper cables, which are usually made of aluminum and covered with a layer of copper, do not have the performance of all-copper cables. Because it does not have the necessary conductivity, and in the long term, due to the formation of an electric battery between aluminum and copper, it causes corrosion and the cable is destroyed.

– High frequency coaxial cable according to JIS 3501 standard

– Thermal range: -35°C to +80°C

– Insulation resistance: at least 10000MΩ.Km

– Voltage test: 2000V a.c. 50Hz

HEDSUN’s all-copper coaxial cables are used in high-frequency transmissions, especially in transmitters, receivers, computers, and radio and television transmissions. Today, due to the high quality of HEDSUN’s RG59 cable and its full copper, it is used in sensitive CCTV systems and for image transmission in Security systems are widely used.

– Cu / PE / Cu / PVC

– Class 1 or 2 copper conductor according to IEC 60228

– PE insulation

– Woven copper shield

– PVC coating, white or gray color

Capacitor at 1KHz




Attenuation power at 10MHz


Approximate weight


Average outer diameter


Coating thickness


Insulation thickness


Number of strings x diameter of strings


Coaxial cable type
69±4 75 96 13 2.9 0.4 0.67 1*0.26 1.5C-2V
69±4 75 52 22 4.0 0.5 1.0 1*0.4 2.5C-2V
67±3 75 42 42 5.4 0.8 1.3 1*0.5 3C-2V
67±3 75 22 47 6.4 0.6 1.75 1*1.0 4.5C-2V
67±3 75 27 74 7.4 0.9 2.05 1*0.8 5C-2V
67±3 75 27 120 8.3 1.0 2.05 1*0.8 5C-2W
67±3 75 22 140 10.4 1.1 3.05 7*0.4 7C-2V
67±3 75 18 220 13.0 1.4 3.95 7*0.5 10C-2V
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