Buying non-standard wires and cables are the main cause of house fires, but their production in Iran is even more than standard cables, and only 20-30% of house cables are standard.

The official statistics of the fire department show that 50% of house fires are due to the purchase and use of non-standard equipment, therefore, the purchase and use of quality wires and cables are of particular importance.

Ways to distinguish quality wires and cables when buying:

Have proper packaging

The number of strands and the amount of copper used should not be small

The coating should not stick to the strings and be easily removed.

The average coating thickness should not be less than the standard value.

The specifications on the reader wire and the distance between two consecutive markings should not exceed 550 mm.

The double width of insulation should not be more than 15% of the maximum diameter and the average diameter should not be more than that.

The outer surface of the wire and cable must be smooth and free of any dents and protrusions.

The large diameter or sheath of the wire and cable does not prove that the product is high quality. Unfortunately, some manufacturers reduce the weight of copper required in the wire and cable and add to the diameter of the insulation or sheath to make the weight of the product seem appropriate. Still, this product is capable It will not be used for its intended purpose, and if it is used, it will cause fire or other problems.

The wire insulation should be easily pulled away from the copper when stripping each copper.

In the case of cables, it should be noted that it is easy to insert the wires from each other and from the sheath.

The wire conductor should not be oxidized (the copper strands should not be blackened).

be flexible. Do not break the conductor by bending and straightening the wire.