Construction wires have a copper conductor and are available in the market as flexible wire and solid wire.

The insulation of the construction wires produced by the Electrosim Hedayat group with Hedsun brand is made of PVC polymer. Flexible construction wires are single-stranded and used to lighting and sockets in buildings.

These wires are suitable in ducts that are installed on plaster or under the plaster, but they are not recommended for use directly under plaster. Also, Flexible construction wire is used in all kinds of panels, closed channels, and electrical appliances.

This product is made of numerous flexible wires that are more flexible than the solid type. But it is better to know that they have less strength and electrical resistance than solid wires.

Because the distance between the twisted wires has increased the cross-sectional area. The final price of this type of product is more expensive than solid wires.

Types of construction wire

This product is available in cross-sections of 0.5 to 10 square mm2, but it is also possible to customize it up to a cross-section of 240 mm2.

One of the types of flexible wire is the earth wire, which is not different from the normal wire in terms of its structure, only the color of its coating makes it vary, and no difference between this type of wire and the normal type in the final price. Earth wire is often produced with a yellow coating and a green line.

Buy flexible wire

When buying a wire, you should pay attention to the type of application, cross-section, allowed amperage, and length of the route. Choosing high-quality copper wires that have copper with a higher degree of purity, which can be understood from the flexibility of the wire guarantee a higher quality purchase for the final consumer.
Flexible construction wires

– single-stranded wire with PVC insulation according to ISIRI 607-3, VDE 0281-3, IEC 60227-3 standards

– Thermal range:

-5°C to +70°C in bent mode

In fixed installation C°-30 to C°+80

– Rated voltage:

0.5 to 1 U0/U=300/500 V

1.5 and higher U0/U=450/750 V

– Voltage test: 2500V a.c. 50Hz

These wires are suitable for building wiring and use in electrical pipes under plaster or inside ducts. Also, these wires are used inside electrical panels and electrical connections of parts and devices.

– Cu / PVC

– Class 5 copper conductor according to IEC 60228

– PVC/C insulation

جدول مشخصات سیم ساختمانی الکتروسیم هدایت (هدسان)

ولتاژ نامی
وزن تقریبی
حداکثر مقاومت هادی
در C°20
میانگین قطر خارجی
ضخامت عایق
سطح مقطع نامی

جدول مشخصات سیم های ساختمانی افشان
Flexible Hedsun construction cable