The control cable is a multi-stranded cable, each strand is responsible for transmitting the signal. These signals are used to send commands to control equipment in industrial environments. In general, any cable with more than 5 strands can be called a control cable.

Among the most important signals that are transmitted by the control cable in the control circuits, we can mention the control, protection, and measurement signals. Also, the control cable is responsible for transmitting analog signals such as currents passing through the equipment and digital signals such as control commands in the electrical panel.

HEDSUN control cable

Considering that a wide range of cables is included in the category of control cables, it is not possible to express specific technical specifications for the control cable. مشخصات فنی هر یک از انواع کابل کنترل که در قسمت کاربردها مورد اشاره قرار گرفته است، در بخش مربوط به هر کابل توضیح داده شده است.

Control cables are used in any application that requires the transmission of control commands. Among the most important types of control cables, the following can be mentioned:

_ Elevator steering cable (travel cable)

_ High pressure substations and power plants

_ Lifting and crane steering cables

_ Industrial control panels

_ Assembly lines

_ Telemetry systems

_ CNC machines

_ Printing machines

_ robotic

The control cable is produced in different types, which can be seen in the applications section. The general structure as follows is usually used for most of them.

– Cu / PVC

– Class 5 copper conductor according to IEC 60228

– PVC/C insulation

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Control cable