4×4 Electrosym Hedayat cable is a type of light PVC-coated cable that is used for industrial cabling, inside and outside the building. It is also common to use this cable in dry and wet environments.

Cable 4x4 HEDSUN

– Power cable according to HD 604 S1 standard, CIN VDE 0276

– Thermal range:

In installation mode up to C°-5

The maximum conductor temperature is +90°C

Maximum short circuit temperature +250°C

– Rated voltage: U0/U=0.6/1 KV

– Voltage test: 4KV a.c. 50Hz

HEDSUN’s KNX cables are used for building smartness and BMS. Due to the special construction of this cable, the impact of noise has been minimized and it can be used for transmitting data and weak signals in noisy environments. Some important and basic cases in the field of KNX cable applications in the field of smart home or building automation are briefly described below.

_ Temperature control

_ Lighting control

_ Electric curtains and other motorized equipment

_ Energy consumption management system

_ security system

_ Audio system (with full home coverage)

Audio-visual system

_ Interface (communication equipment between users and the system)

_ . Cu /XLPE /Thermoplastic polyolefine

_ Class 1 and 2 copper conductors

VDE 0295 or IEC 60228

– XLPE insulation

_ Covering of thermoplastic material based on Hm4 polyethylene

According to HD604S1 standard without halogen

وزن تقریبی
جریان مجاز
در هوای C°30
حداکثر مقاومت هادی
در C°20
میانگین قطر خارجی
ضخامت روکش
ضخامت عایق
تعداد رشته x
سطح مقطع نامی

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