One of the exclusive cables of Electrosim Hedayat company is HEDSUN coaxial cable 1×6+6, which is called HEDSUN meter cable. The main use of this cable is to connect the aerial network to the subscribers of the electricity company at the entrance of the meter, but it can be used in high-risk environments or harsh weather conditions to transmit electricity. One of the advantages of HEDSUN’s 1×6+6 cable is the tin-coated conductor and shield armor, which has increased the cable’s resistance to moisture. The anti-UV coating of the cable has made it resistant to sunlight for a long time.

1x6plus6 cable

– Resistant to UV rays

– Tin plated copper conductor

_ Resistant to high temperature

_ Resistant to moisture

_ Transmission of electricity in hazardous environment

_ For meter branching

_ Distribution network

_ Power meter

_ Subscriber affairs

_ Cable with all copper conductor

_ XLPE / PVC central polyethylene crosslink insulation

_ Central conductor with round copper wires and outer layer with copper tape

_ Outer cover made of self-extinguishing PVC

_ Coating color: Black or customized

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1x6+6 cable